Why Outbound Email Security?

  • Ensure delivery of emails
  • Block Virus/SPAM from reaching your clients
  • Protect business reputation
  • Save Bandwidth
  • Block leakage of Sensitive data
  • Shield Email Servers from Internet
  • Prevent Data loss
  • Monitor Servers in Real time


SAFENTRIX Outbound - Quick Start Guide
This is a quick installation guide for the System/Network administrator who is familiar with the

   a) Architecture of hosted email filtering services,
   b) Concept of DNS records like "A" record and "MX" record, and
   c) Email concepts like SMTP Auth, Relaying and Smart Host

It skips many of the technical explanations and gives just the steps involved in implementing SAFENTRIX Outbound Email Security services.
SAFENTRIX Outbound - Installation Guide
A detailed Installation guide for SAFENTRIX Outbound Email Security. The guide explains the Outbound Email Security concept, architecture and also gives detailed Installation steps.
SAFENTRIX Outbound - Operations Guide
Detailed Guide for operations on Outbound Email Security in SAFENTRIX Control panel
SAFENTRIX Outbound - Users Guide
Guide that describes

   a) SMTP Auth Configuration for Email clients,
   b) How to set SMTP Auth password for relaying emails, and
   c) How to work with multiple Email addresses using a single account

Why Safentrix?

  • Simple SMTP Relay based Implementation
  • Free Service
  • No limits on Volume/number of Emails
  • Enterprise Security Mode: Hack-proof your Servers
  • Send Emails securely from anywhere in the World
  • Archive Outgoing Emails for policy compliance
  • 100% Delivery of normal emails
  • Receive Email/SMS Alerts on suspicious traffic