In here, you can find help with Implementation as well as maintenance of SAFENTRIX services.

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Documentation - Guides

SAFENTRIX Quick Start Guide
This guide is a quick installation guide for the System/Network administrator who is familiar with the

   a) Architecture of hosted email filtering services, and
   b) Concept of DNS records like "A" record and "MX" record.

It skips many of the technical explanations and gives just the steps involved in implementing SAFENTRIX services.
SAFENTRIX Installation Guide
A detailed Installation guide for SAFENTRIX. The guide explains the SAFENTRIX concept, architecture and also gives detailed Installation steps.
Guide that describes how to deal with

   a) SPAM leakage (SPAM that is not caught by SAFENTRIX),
   b) False positives (Emails identified wrongly as SPAM by SAFENTRIX)
   c) Email rejection due to Blacklisting (RBL)
SAFENTRIX Operations Guide
A detailed guide to SAFENTRIX Control panel.

Implementation Partners

If you prefer an external expert implement SAFENTRIX for your domains, you can contact a SAFENTRIX Implementation partner. Implementation partners closest to you can be found here