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Referral Program

Welcome to SAFENTRIX Referral program. Using this page, satisfied SAFENTRIX users can refer their acquaintances (and earn some bonus in the process) to SAFENTRIX.

Any user who has used SAFENTRIX for more than a month is eligible to the referral program. When a user is eligible for Referral program, SAFENTRIX automatically sends an email to the user informing the same.

The referral process itself is very simple, automated, and referral amounts are credited to your Account balance automatically. For every domain activated (and used for at least one month) by the person you refer, your account gets credited with INR 2000/- (approximately US$ 40).

You can get more details by visiting http://www.safentrix.com/faqreferral.html or Chatting with us Live at http://www.safentrix.com/discussion.html

To refer, follow the process below:

  • Think of names of persons who know you very well and whom you think will be interested in SAFENTRIX for their organization.
  • Keep their Email addresses and Names ready.
  • Enter the following details:
    • Your SAFENTRIX account name
    • SAFENTRIX account password
    • Email addresses and Names of above references. You can enter up to 10 references per page. If you need to enter more, you can visit this page multiple times.
    • If you want to be reminded of the Referral program again, leave the check box "Continue sending referral program mails" checked
    • If you do not want to be reminded of the Referral program again, uncheck the check box "Continue sending referral program mails"
    • Enter the correct CAPTCHA response
    • Click on "Submit" button

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