RBL Lookup and Whitelist

Your email was bounced because the address of the Email server that sent your email is blacklisted in our database. An email server IP address is blacklisted when

  • The email server sends a SPAM to a SAFENTRIX user, or
  • The email server sends a SPAM to one of our Honeypot Email Servers/SPAM traps

Once this happens, the address of Email server is added to our blacklists and any emails originating from this server is rejected.

This situation can only be rectified by the administrator of this Email Server. If you are not the administrator, kindly forward the bounce message to your System administrator (or) Email service provider so that they can rectify this problem.

If you are the administrator of this Email server, you can remove your IP from our blacklists as follows:

  • Fix your Email server so that it is not used for sending SPAM in future
  • Whitelist your Email server using the forms below

Please note that any further SPAM from your email server will immediately blacklist the Email server address.

Please enter your IP in the space given below and check if your server is currently blacklisted. If your server is blacklisted, you will get an option to Whitelist the same. For whitelisting, you will need to enter a valid email address which you can access. An email with instructions for whitelisting will be sent to this Email address. Please follow the instructions given in the email to whitelist. Kindly enter the following details:

IP Address