Set Outbound SMTP Relay Password

SAFENTRIX allows individual users to relay emails through its servers. All emails thus sent are scanned for SPAM/Virus and if none is found, delivered to the final destination. Users have to login to SAFENTRIX Servers using their email address and a password before outbound emails can be sent. This page allows authorized users to set their passwords.

Please note that to relay through SAFENTRIX, following conditions must be satisfied.

  • Your email address must be live in SAFENTRIX Servers, and
  • Your email administrator must have granted Outbound SMTP Relay privilege to your Email address

If the above conditions are not satisfied, please ask your Email administrator to enable the above. If the above conditions are satisfied, you can follow the instructions given below to set Outbound SMTP Relay password.

  • Enter your full Email address in the field below
  • Fill in the CAPTCHA and click on Submit.
  • SAFENTRIX will send a password reset confirmation link to your Email address.
  • Click on the link you received in the Email.
  • You will be presented with a page where you can set a new Outbound SMTP Relay password.

Please fill in your Email address to proceed.

Email address